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Common Problems with Clothes Washers

If your washing machine has conked out or just doesn’t seem to be working efficiently, it’s likely one of the most common problems with washers causing the malfunction.


My Washing Machine Is Dead


This is one problem you can’t miss. You start the cycle and nothing happens. The machine doesn’t make a sound. Your first step is to see if there’s a problem with the power. Did a pet knock the plug out of the outlet? Did a fuse blow? Plug something into the outlet to confirm the power is working properly. Once you’re certain there isn’t a power problem, you can take a look at the machine itself. If you’ve just finished another load or two, the problem may be as simple as an overheated motor that needs to cool down before the next load can start.


Next, check for those little details that are quick for you to fix yourself. Has the washer entered a pause cycle? Is a large item or overstuffing the washer keeping the lid from closing? Take a look at the plastic lid switch that sits in the hole under the lid. Has it somehow become lose? You may need have it replaced by a professional appliance repair company in Toronto or the GTA.


Washer Not Spinning


There are a few reasons why your clothes washer may not be entering the spin cycle. Your first step is to ensure the lid is closed. If you’re new to washing your clothes, you may not realize that washers also have soak cycles where the clothes stop spinning.


If the washer is making a funny humming noise when it should be spinning, there may debris or even clothing stuck in the drain pump. It’s time to find a good laundry appliance repair company to come and have a look. A broken belt or other part can also cause the humming sound. For example, if your machine isn’t agitating the laundry or seems to be struggling to do so, it could be that the drive shaft needs to be replaced because it has become stripped over time or the drive pulley may wear out and become unable to turn the drive belt.


My Washer Won’t Drain


If you lift the lid and discover your clothes are floating in a small lake, there may be an obvious problem that you can fix yourself. Look at the drain hose. If it has a lint filter attached, it may be full and blocking the water from draining properly. The drain hose may have a kink in it or have become detached from the washer. A broken hose can also cause your washer to leak.


It could also be a more serious problem, such as a worn or broken pump or transmission. Fortunately, washer pumps and transmissions aren’t usually a hard part to find so if you call a same-day appliance repair company, you could be finishing your laundry later that day.


If you’re clothes washer isn’t working properly, the root of the problem may be one of the common problems with washers that is easy for a professional to fix, saving you the expense of replacing the whole machine.

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