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What to Do if You’re Having a Defrost Problem with Your Freezer

If you have a defrost problem with your freezer, it’s time to call an expert before you lose your freezer’s bounty to spoilage.


What to Do First


If you discover that the food in your freezer is defrosting, it’s important to take a moment to see if there really is a problem with the freezer. If there is a problem, it’s time to call a professional appliance repair company.


As soon as you notice food getting soft in the freezer or a dripping sound, check the outlet. It’s possible your pet or a child accidently knocked the plug out of the socket. If your freezer uses an extension cord, remove it and plug the appliance directly into the wall if possible. The problem could be with the cord and not the freezer. Test your outlet by plugging a small appliance in. This will let you know if there’s a problem with the outlet.


Next, take a moment to ensure that the temperature dial hasn’t been switched down or off. It’s possible a package of food knocked it at some point.


Common Defrost Problems with Freezers


Most defrost problems involving freezers will require an expert appliance repair company if they cannot be resolved by taking the steps above.


The defrost thermostat is an important part of your freezer’s defrost system. If it is malfunctioning, your freezer may be sensing that the freezer’s temperature is too low and will activate the defrost heater too often. This will result in thawing food and a high temperature in the freezer. The defrost thermostat can’t be repaired so you will need to have the part totally replaced.


The defrost timer is another important part of the defrost system. A defective defrost timer prevents your freezer from entering a normal defrost cycle. If it runs the cycle too often, your food will thaw. A kitchen appliance repair professional will have to replace the defrost timer since it can’t be repaired.


A worn or damaged door gasket can also be the culprit if your freezer is too warm and you believe it is defrosting too often. Over time, the seal around the door can become loose, tear, or get food stuck on it. This causes it to lose the tight seal needed to keep your freezer cold. When that happens, the door gasket will need to be replaced.


There’s a simple test that you can perform to test your door gasket before you call a repairman. Use a bill of paper money to test it. Place the bill partially in the freezer and close the door on it. If you can pull the bill out, the door gasket has lost its seal. If the bill can’t be pulled out, then the seal is still working and the door gasket isn’t to blame for the defrosting problems.


If you are experiencing a problem with your freezer’s defrosting system, it’s important to call an expert as soon as possible before you have to replace hundreds of dollars’ worth of frozen goods.

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