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Causes of Frozen Freezer Coils

If you have frozen freezer coils, it’s important to have them checked as soon as possible to prevent damage to other parts of the freezer.

Problems with the Defrost System


There are many possible reasons that your freezer’s coils have too much frost or have frozen -- many are related to your freezer’s defrost system. Contact an expert appliance repair company to assess the problem and find the cause. With a quick repair or replacement part, your freezer will be working efficiently in no time at all.


A common problem with freezers is too much frost on the evaporator coils. This usually happens when the defrost heater stops defrosting the frost on the coils. Normally, the defrost heater will turn on repeatedly during the day to ensure that no frost builds up on the evaporator coils. A malfunctioning defrost heater will need to be replaced.


The defrost timer is another likely culprit if you have extra frosty freezer coils. This timer turns on the defrost heater to keep the evaporator coils frost-free. When it doesn’t work, your freezer won’t go through its normal defrost cycle, resulting in frozen freezer coils. This part cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced by your appliance repair professional.


Another important part of your freezer’s defrost system is the defrost thermostat. This is the important part that sense when the defrost heater needs to warm the evaporator coils. It normally turns on when the coils reach a temperature of less than 30°F. If the defrost thermostat doesn’t turn the defrost heater on at the right time, your freezer’s coils will begin to build up frost. The defrost thermostat is another part that needs to be totally replaced if defective.


If you suspect there’s a problem with your freezer’s defrost system, call an appliance repair company and try to schedule a same-day appliance repair. It should be easy if you live in Toronto or the GTA. If you can repair the freezer within hours, the money you save by avoiding spoiled meat and other frozen food may offset the extra cost of an emergency repair service.


A Defective Door Gasket


The problem could be as simple as a torn or worn door gasket. The door gasket creates a seal around your freezer’s door so air doesn’t escape from the freezer. Once it becomes unreliable and doesn’t hold the door shut, humidity can begin to build in the freezer. This is a problem for your freezer coils since that air condenses as it passes over the coils and that condensation freezes on the coils.


You can quickly test to see if this is your freezer’s problem by placing a paper dollar bill along the seal. Close the door and try to pull the bill out. If it slides out, your freezer door gasket needs to be replaced.


There are many reasons why your freezer may have frozen freezer coils so it’s important to have an expert look at your freezer’s defrost system and other parts to assess the situation.

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