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When Getting a Leaking Fridge Fixed, a Professional Is Your Safest Bet

Ask the average person what could be causing water to puddle all over the floor, and they’re sure to leap to the most obvious potential culprits: a clogged drainpipe, sink problems, or a faulty dishwasher. One thing that may cause water to leak all over your floor that you may not immediately think of, however, is your trusty refrigerator. A leaky fridge is a common problem, and getting a leaking fridge fixed could be as simple as turning a couple of screws, or it could be symptomatic of a much larger problem, needing the attention and expertise of a home appliance repair expert. Luckily, it should be fairly easy to tell whether your particular appliance problem will be a quick, do-it-yourself fix or will need a home repair specialist to help.


Levelling Away the Leaks


One of the most common causes for a leaky refrigerator is also, thankfully, one of the simplest to deal with. Underneath almost every standard fridge is a pan that collects the condensation caused by the normal operation of the fridge. Water collects there (instead of on your floor) and then simply evaporates harmlessly. However, if your fridge is perfectly level, or worse, leaning slightly forward, the water that collects in the evaporation pan could be spilling over onto the floor long before it has a chance to evaporate. One way to easily tell if your fridge is improperly levelled is to open the door about a quarter way, and let go. If it closes firmly by itself, then the fridge is tilted back (as it should be). However, if the door stays ajar, it means that there’s something improperly adjusted, and you’re thankfully probably not looking at a malfunctioning fridge, just a poorly levelled one. By adjusting the front legs of the fridge, you can change their height and correct the problem in a matter of minutes, leading to dry floors and a solved mystery.


When to Call Someone

There are times, however, when you’ll be unfortunately dealing with a more complicated problem than that. If, for instance, you notice water leaking in from the ceiling of the fridge itself, you’re likely looking at a broken fridge. Specifically, you could be facing a problem with an interior compressor line, a crack or leak in a top freezer compartment, or a number of other issues. Repairing a leaking fridge of this type is definitely a job for an experienced appliance technician, since the process will likely involve much more disassembly of the fridge itself and then the replacement of parts and insulation once the job’s done. If you find the right home repair service provider, however, there’s no need to worry in the long-term. Repairs of this nature are fairly routine, and an expert will have everything running smoothly before you know it.


Depending on the problem, then, getting a leaking fridge fixed could be a minutes-long do-it-yourself affair. If, however, you find yourself in over your head, a reputable, experienced appliance repair company should be able to diagnose any issue you’re having, and they will have the tools and knowledge to make it better.

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