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Water in the Crisper Drawer of Your Fridge

Water in the Crisper Drawer? Try This!

Your refrigerator is the hardest-working appliance in your home – it’s busy keeping things cool 24/7! Maintaining the freshness and safety of your family’s food is important, so when you notice signs of trouble with the fridge, it’s good to deal with them promptly. One of the most common problems is the leak. Most often you notice that a small amount of water – a cup or less – is leaking into or under the vegetable crisper drawer. There are several reasons why your fridge may be leaking, but there are two fairly common problems that you may be able to troubleshoot yourself:
  • A plugged defrost drain tube
  • A frozen defrost pan
Plugged drain tube. If the drain tube is plugged, you may be able to clear it. First, unplug the fridge. Next, locate the drain plug. It should be near the back of the main compartment. Sometimes you can clear it by inserting a straw and blowing, or even using a pipe cleaner. If that doesn’t work, try forcing a solution of half bleach and half warm water into the tube. (You can use a squirt bottle such as those used for mustard and ketchup or a turkey baster.) After repeating this process a few times, remove and clean the drain pan, which is located under the fridge.
Frozen defrost pan. If the defrost pan is frozen, it can cause the drain plug to freeze. In order to fix this, you need to unplug the fridge and move all of the food from the freezer. Then, undo the screws in the freezer tray and scrape out any ice buildup. Finally, use a hairdryer to thaw the ice in the back of the tray. You should hear water running through the drain after a few minutes. Unfortunately, with some fridges this can become a recurring problem, in which case you may need to call in a repair professional.

When to Call for Help

Although there are a few refrigerator problems that can be resolved fairly simply, it’s important to know when you should not try to fix your fridge on your own. Most refrigerators contains toxic coolant, and this is pressurized. A professional should be called during the following circumstances:

  • When there is an oily substance on the floor of the freezer compartment
  • If the outside of your fridge is covered in condensation
  • If there is a large amount of water under your refrigerator
  • If your fridge is making a hissing sound
  • When the refrigerator is not cooling as well as it normally does
  • If the fridge continuously cycles on and off
  • If an accident damages the condenser coils or motor

Choose the Right Repair Company

Any refrigerator problem compromises the quality of the food you’re storing, so when the fridge is on the fritz, look for a repair company that offers same-day service. There are several superior appliance repair companies in the GTA that offer both same-day service and substantial warranties on parts and labour.

It’s also important to look for a company that has a track record of excellent service, that uses licensed and bonded personnel, and that has manufacturer’s authorization to service many different brands.

So if your refrigerator is collecting water in your crisper drawer, remember to stay cool, but if you happen to lose your cool, call for help!

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