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Learn More About Wine Cooler Repair Tips

Wine Cooler Repair Tips

Any appliance can experience problems, and wine coolers are no exception. Here are a few of the most common wine cooler problems and how to troubleshoot them:
  • Water leaks. Check for an air leak. Warm air entering the wine cooler can cause condensation, which will become a puddle. Another possibility is that the door was left open or simply opened too many times in a short period. If you don’t find any air leaks, call a repair professional.
  • Not cooling properly. First, make sure that the fridge hasn’t become unplugged, and that the electricity is operating properly. Make sure the door is closed tightly, and that the seal doesn’t have leaks. Also ensure that the thermostat is set to the correct temperature. If those criteria are met, examine where the fridge is placed. It should not be positioned in direct sunlight or near or above any appliance creating heat, such as a stove, oven, or radiator. It also needs approximately six inches of space on all sides to allow proper venting, and the vents must be free or dust, dirt, and debris. If your cooler is still not cooling, call a repair professional.
  • Noisy. Although compressor wine coolers naturally make a bit of sound due to their construction, you should not have to endure a great deal of noise. Make sure your cooler is on a level surface. If it is still making a lot of noise, call a repair professional.
  • Door fogging. The glass door of your cooler can fog up if you open it too often, or if there’s a problem with the rubber seal around the door. Setting the temperature too low may also cause fogging. Again, check these possible causes and call in a professional if the problem persists.
  • Excessive frost. Although newer coolers are frost-free, you may experience frost buildup due to humidity or low temperatures. The best cure is to unplug the cooler and let it defrost. Check all settings and possible problems, and then restart. If the problem recurs, call a professional.
  • Not switching on. If the cooler has been sitting without turning on for any length of time, you may have trouble getting it to start up again. Check for any obvious causes, such as if the cooler is not plugged in, not switched on, or sufficient electricity is not coming through. If you can’t find any apparent reason it won’t start, call a professional. Of course, if it won’t start the first time you try it, check the manual or contact the manufacturer.
  • Interior light. Although changing the light bulb inside a wine cooler may seem like an easy task, these bulbs are specialty items that are not readily available and are often difficult to change. If your cooler features an interior light that’s tough to get at, call for a repair professional.
  • Control difficulties. If your cooler’s panel is beeping, flashing, or not setting properly, it could be that moisture has gotten into the PC board. Replacing it is a job for a technician.

Who to Call

The GTA features many fine repair companies for your wine cooler repair. Review websites to find out which ones service your area and whether or not they deal with the brand of your cooler. Look for same-day service and a great warranty.

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