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Answering the Common Problems with Cooktops

If the elements on your stove aren’t working, it may be one of the many common problems with cooktops.


Types of Cooktops


Depending on the age of your oven and the model, there are many styles of cooktops with distinct looks.


The conventional coil heating element is one of the oldest. It’s the coil that sticks up from the top of the stove and turns red as it heats. The coil is an electric wire inside of a protective insulating coil. The protective coil prevents electrocution so you can touch the coil or the pan on top of it, although that may not be a good idea if the heat is on. If there’s a problem with the cooktop, you should call a convection oven repair expert.


Another type of cooktop is the glass-ceramic style. This is the distinct smooth stove-top with burners that look like they’re painted on the top. The element is beneath the glass and conducts the heat through the glass. Often there are thermostats to control the elements that help provide steady heat that conventional coils can generate. If your glass-ceramic cooktop isn’t heating, it could be a problem with the thermostat.


There are newer styles of cooktops that provide more efficient heating, are easy to use, and just as stylish. These include induction, halogen, and Euro-burner (solid disk) cooktops. Again, some of these cooktop styles also use a thermostat to help monitor heat so a kitchen appliance repair technician should check the thermostat when conducting repairs to cooktops that are having issues with heat.


Common Problems with Cooktops


A common problem with cooktops is turning on the elements and discovering that one of your burners won’t heat up. This is usually caused by a loose connection, an element that needs to be replaced, or a problem with a switch in the cooktop. If you have a conventional coil element, unplug the cooktop and then try giving it a wiggle before calling for repairs. Sometimes, this simple trick will help if it’s a connection problem.


If you can’t seem to get more than one temperature for one of your burners, the problem is likely the infinite switch. That’s the switch that controls the flow of electricity to the elements. It may need to be replaced.


Sometime, the burners are working but the indicator light isn’t lighting up to show that the element is hot. An appliance repair expert in the GTA will likely check for one of two problems. The first is control switch. Your repair professional will check to ensure that the message is moving between the burner and the light. If the control switch is working, the next step is to replace the light bulb. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a burnt out bulb that needs replacing.


Whether it’s a burner that won’t work, malfunctioning indicator lights, or temperature control problems, your cooktop’s problem can usually be fixed without the expense of buying a new range. It’s likely one of the common problems with cooktops that is the root of the problem.

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