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Some of the Common Problems with Dishwashers

When an appliance gets as much use as a dishwasher, no one is surprised when common problems with dishwashers crop up. Even if you don’t know what the problem is, a kitchen appliance repair company in the GTA can help.




One of the most common and quickly identifiable problems for a dishwasher is when your dishwasher is overflowing. The real problem is that the dishwasher is no longer draining properly.


There are a few ways to prevent this problem before it happens. No one wants to deal with a leaking dishwasher especially at the end of a long workday. Although it’s a messy job, cleaning the dishwasher’s filter system once a week can help prevent clogging and leaking.


Dishwashers can’t drain properly if the drain hose has a kink in it. This prevents water from properly leaving the machine. Quickly check to see if the hose has bent. Also ensure that the drain hose is a minimum half a metre above the dishwasher’s floor to ensure proper water flow.


The problem causing an overflowing dishwasher may not even be related to the dishwasher. It could be that the drain in the kitchen sink is blocked, preventing the dishwasher from draining properly.


Blinking Dishwasher Lights


There’s clearly a problem according to the blinking lights on the dishwasher but that doesn’t mean the reason for the blinking is obvious to you. The blinking lights may translate to "my dishwasher is dead” but don’t give up hope. Often there’s an easily repairable problem behind the blinking lights of doom.


The first place to check is the manual for your dishwasher. If it has a display window, write down the fault code and check the manual to see what’s causing the flashing lights. This can save time when you call in the experts to fix the problem.


The problem may be the heating element in the dishwasher. If the heating element isn’t working properly, it won’t heat the water to the right temperature when it’s needed. This may be the cause of the flashing light.


The drain pump is also a likely culprit if your dishwasher stops working. This pump forces the water through the hose, causing your dishwasher to drain properly. If the drain pump is broken, it will need to be replaced since the part cannot be repaired. An experienced repair company may have the part stocked or will be able to get it in quickly.


The problem may be with the touchpad or the control panel itself. If you’ve noticed that some of the buttons on the touchpad haven’t been working properly, it may be time to replace the pad or the control panel.


Other Common Problems


If the problem with your dishwasher is as simple as dishes that just don’t look clean, try switching detergent. Always be certain to use the correct amount of cleaner since too little can leave dishes dirty and too much can cause foaming. Avoid overloading the dishwasher or packing the dishes closely—load the dishwasher so the water can circulate freely.


A broken dishwasher means a break in your routine and extra work for your backup dishwasher (you or the person who drew the short straw). Remember that common problems with dishwashers are a quick fix for the repair experts.

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