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Common problems with Freezers

If your freezer stops working, there are a few common problems with freezers that may be the cause.


First Steps


When your freezer stops working, it’s important to take a minute to ensure that there really is a problem. You don’t want to call a professional appliance repair company, only to discover that the plug was knocked out of the outlet by your dog or a child.


Start by checking the temperature setting and switches inside. It’s possible something knocked the dial down or turned the switch by accident. Although it seems like a simple reason for a problem, sometimes accidents happen.


If the defrost setting has been activated, you may hear dripping. Check all settings on the freezer. You may also want to remove any extension cords. Sometimes a cord is worn and plugging the freezer or fridge directly into the outlet will work. Try the outlet by plugging something else in to see if the problem is with the outlet itself.


If the freezer doesn’t seem to be keeping food cold enough, check how it’s packed. A tightly packed freezer may block the freezer vents, preventing the cold air from flowing freely. You can also try setting the freezer to a colder setting to see if that helps.


If the freezer is making strange noises, ensure that it’s sitting levelled on the floor.


Common Problems with Freezers


There are many problems that will require an expert appliance repair company.


If the freezer’s condenser coils are covered with debris, they may not be able to help dissipate the heat that builds in the freezer’s walls and by the motor. If that happens, your freezer will struggle to keep items cold. Condenser coils may not need to be replaced if they aren’t working properly. Usually a good cleaning will help get them working again.


If the freezer won’t keep items cold, it may also be that the evaporator fan motor needs to be repaired or replaced. This motor helps keep the evaporator coils working by pulling air over them. That air circulates through the freezer. There may also be a problem with the lining around the door or the door switch. In some cases If the door switch isn’t working, the evaporator fan motor won’t start.


Compressor problems are also common for freezers. If the start relay, which provides the compressor with power, is broken, the compressor may stop running or run erratically. Another sign that there may be a problem with the start relay is a burning smell from the freezer. If you smell a burning smell, contact a repair person right away. If you can get same day service, you may not lose any of the freezer contents.


Another common problem with freezers is frosted evaporator coils. If the defrost heater stops melting the frost on the coils, they will stop working.


If your freezer has become unreliable or has stopped working completely, call an experienced freezer repair professional to see if the culprit is one of the common problems with freezers.

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