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Signs Your Cooktop Fuse Needs Repair

Since almost all electric cooktops and ranges have similar parts and mechanical workings, they tend to suffer the same problems, such as needing to have the cooktop fuse replaced.


Information About Cooktop Fuses


Almost all cooktops in North America have a similar fuse system. The exception is older ranges in Canada. These may have extra internal fuses, causing slightly different problems than more modern ranges and cooktops. If you have an older stove, call an experienced kitchen appliance repair company that has the knowledge you need.


Older Canadian ranges tend to have six to eight standard glass Edison base fuses. They can be found in the top or base of the control console. If your range is really old, you may even find fuses in the storage drawer area. Usually, two of the fuses are used for the left side cooktop elements and two for the right. If one of the fuses stops working, your elements won’t be able to get power to heat. It’s dangerous to try and change the fuses yourself without first removing the power.


Signs You Need Cooktop Fuse Replacement Help


If the cooktop elements aren’t heating, it may be a problem with the element itself or the element control switch but it also may be a fuse problem. If at least two of the cooktop elements have stopped working at the same time, one of the fuses in the range may be open.


If your oven is dead and you can’t get any part of it to work, there may be a problem with the fuses or breaker in your house. But if you have one of those older stoves, it’s possible that one of the fuses has opened and it’s causing the entire oven to shut down. It’s time to call an oven repair service in the GTA to take a look.


Finding the Right Repair Company


It’s never been easier to find the right person to repair your cooktop fuses. With the internet, you can find local companies and check testimonials. Visit independent websites and see what past customers have to say about the quality of service and the professionals.


If you have an older stove that may have a different interior structure, mention that when you call to schedule service. It’s okay to ask if the company has experience with the brand and model of your cooktops. A repair professional who has experience with ovens like yours will take less time to diagnose the problem.


The symptoms of a faulty cooktop fuse are similar to other common problems with ovens so you will likely have problems diagnosing the exact cause of your cooktop problems by yourself. Ask if the appliance repair company offers a flat rate for labour since there may be testing and time involved in solving the problem.


A cooktop fuse can be easily diagnosed and replaced by a professional appliance repair company so there’s no need to start shopping for a new cooktop yet.

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