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Potential Problems for Your Dishwasher Float Switch

If your dishwasher is leaking, it may be a problem with the dishwasher float or the float switch. If your dishwasher won’t fill at all, this may also be a float or float switch problem.


What’s a Dishwasher Float and Float Switch?


The float’s job is to let the float switch know when your dishwasher has filled to the right level. When the float activates the float switch, the dishwasher stops filling.


In the past, the float and float switch were the only way to ensure that the dishwasher didn’t overflow. Most modern dishwashers now rely on a timer or flow meter to indicate when the dishwasher is filled. The float and float switch are used as a backup system. If there is a flood from your dishwasher, that could mean the timer, float/float switch or flow meter are experiencing problems. As soon as your dishwasher starts leaking, call a repair service since the component causing the problems will need to be identified.


Potential Problems with the Dishwasher Float and Float Switch


Sometimes, the float gets stuck and doesn’t rise with the water level. When that happens, it doesn’t signal the float switch, causing your dishwasher to keep filling and overflow. A broken or blocked float may also cause the dishwasher to not fill at all, a problem that may be harder to connect to the float since the dishwasher isn’t overflowing. If the float gets stuck, your dishwasher won’t fill since the float switch has been activated and the dishwasher believes the water level is already high enough.


There can also be problems with the dishwasher float switch, although it’s rare for this part to break. A malfunctioning float switch normally means that there is food, dirt, or other debris caught in the mechanism. When the float switch is the problem, you will have to call in the expert. Since the part can’t be repaired, it will need to be totally replaced.


The Right Person for the Job


If this is your first dishwasher breakdown, you may be overwhelmed by the number of companies available. The Internet makes it easier than ever to check out potential kitchen appliance repair companies. You can check out the testimonials on a company’s website, check other independent reviewing websites, or with organizations like the Better Business Bureau.


Also check to see if the company has experience repairing your brand of dishwasher. Some appliance companies appoint one repair company to repair their dishwashers because they trust the company’s experience and expertise with their brand. For example, Home Appliance Repair has had the exclusive right to repair Dacor appliances across the greater Toronto area for the last 15 years. When you enlist an experienced dishwasher repair company like Home Appliance Repair to fix your dishwasher, you also reap the benefits that come with experience. You get flat rate pricing for the labour so you don’t have to worry how long the repair takes.


It can be hard to diagnose the problem when your dishwasher’s float or float switch is broken since the signs can include overflowing or not filling at all. Let an expert fix or replace the float or float switch and your dishwasher will be running properly in time for breakfast. 

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