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Reasons for Getting Your Fridge Ice Maker Repaired

When a fridge ice maker needs to be repaired, it’s usually one of several common problems causing the breakdown.


Check the Temperature


One of the quickest fixes is to check your freezer temperature. It’s possible the dial was accidently knocked to a higher temperature while items were being moved around. If the temperature is above -12°C (10°F), the ice maker can’t create ice properly. If it’s not a problem with the dial but the temperature seems high, it could be that there is debris on the condenser coils or that the condenser fan isn’t working. Problems with the ice maker can also be traced to frosty evaporator coils. If you see too much frost on the evaporator coils, it’s time to call a kitchen appliance repair expert. Frosted evaporator cover or coils are a sign that your fridge’s defrost system has stopped working.


Faulty Water Inlet Valve


If the water inlet valve on your fridge is broken or doesn’t have enough pressure to move the water, your ice maker won’t have the water to make ice. This electromagnetic valve supplies the water to both the water dispenser and the ice maker so if it stops, prepare to be thirsty. An expert appliance repair company will check to see if there is proper water pressure. If the water pressure is good and the water inlet valve is getting enough power but not working, it’s time to replace the water inlet valve.


Switch Problems


There are two switches that may interrupt your ice maker’s activities. The first is the door switch. In most cases this switch automatically turns off both the water dispenser and the ice maker whenever your fridge door is open. If the door switch stops working, it can’t sense the door’s activity and your ice maker will stop working.


The other switch is the ice maker switch. A problem with the ice maker switch can be as simple as being accidently switched off. Check to ensure that it’s in the "on” position. If the ice maker switch is on and the ice maker still isn’t working, it may need to be replaced.

Other Common Reasons for Fridge Ice Maker Repairs


It could be that part of the ice maker assembly needs to be replaced. Your repair company may have the individual part, although many parts of the ice maker assembly aren’t sold separately. Depending on the part, you may have to replace the entire assembly instead of just one piece.


If your refrigerator has an ice level control board, this can also cause the ice maker to need repair, although you may not be able to diagnose the problem by yourself. A fridge with an ice level control board uses an infrared beam to detect how much ice is in the ice bucket. When the ice reaches a certain level, it interferes with the beam and the board will shut down your ice maker. The ice maker won’t start again until the ice level is lower than the beam. It may be that the power to the board is disrupted or that the ice level control board itself needs to be replaced.


When your fridge ice maker needs to be repaired, call a professional appliance repair company to ensure quality service. 

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