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Consider the Advantages of a Gas Stove Along with the Hook Up Cost

The cost of a gas stove hook up can be daunting, especially if you don’t already have a gas line installed in your kitchen. Before deciding to go with the status quo, carefully consider the advantages of a gas stove.

Advantages of Installing a Gas Stove


The number one reason that most people switch to a gas stove is the reliability of the flame and the instant heat. You turn the stove on and you have a flame—there’s no time lost or money wasted while your element warms up. As you adjust the heat, you can track the flame visually, seeing it rise or fall.


A great advantage of a gas stove is that your food will cook evenly. The flame spreads out around your pan and under it so every part of the pan is being heated at the same temperature. This means you don’t have to stand over foods and supervise them so they don’t cook unevenly. It also means bacon that’s cooked evenly along the entire piece, instead of a well-done middle and raw ends. Uneven cooking is one of the most common problems with electric stoves and it’s one that can’t be solved by a repair.


Another advantage of a gas stove is that in most cases it still works during blackouts. If you’re in an area where power is unreliable, it may be worth making the switch so your routine isn’t disrupted by power outages.


Disadvantages of a Gas Stove


Gas stoves do offer some disadvantages. One is the cost of the gas stove itself. Gas stoves are usually more expensive than electric stoves, which can be intimidating when you’re thinking of making the switch. Be sure to shop around so you’re getting the best deal. Use web search engines to find the best price. If you order a gas stove over the internet, be sure to factor in shipping costs so your great deal doesn’t come with a huge hidden cost.


Hooking up a gas stove can also be expensive if you don’t already have a gas line in the kitchen. It’s worth checking to see if there’s one that you overlooked years ago when you moved in. Having a gas line saves time and money. If you don’t have a line, a professional kitchen appliance repair and installation company will have to install a gas line that runs from the gas source to your kitchen. Adding to your gas stove hook up cost is the cost of knocking down drywall, reinstalling it, and painting it. If the line has to move between levels of the house, there may be other costs.


Ask your kitchen appliance repair and installation expert exactly what is included in the gas stove hook up cost. You don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised later.


It’s also important to turn off your gas stove when it’s not in use. If a burner doesn’t produce a flame right away, turn it off. Leaving the stove on means that gas will be constantly running into your house—a clear safety hazard.


Although the cost of a gas stove hook up can heavily influence your choice to switch from an electronic stove to a gas stove, it’s important to remember the many benefits that a gas stove offers.

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