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Advantages of Gas Stove Installation for Your Toronto Home

If you’ve decided to make the switch from an electric stove to a gas stove, there are many experienced Toronto companies that can help you with the installation of both the new stove and a gas line in the kitchen. Before making the switch, find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of gas stoves.


Advantages of a Gas Stove


There are many reasons to switch to a gas stove. One of the most popular reasons is the instant and consistent heat. Just turn it on and you have an instant flame. You can see the flame’s size adjust instantly as you turn the heat up or down.


A natural gas stove also lets you cook your food evenly and quickly. This is because the flames spread evenly along both the sides and the bottom of the pan so you don’t have to keep nudging the food over the hottest spot on the element. That’s one of the most common problems with electric stoves.


If you already use natural gas or propane, installation costs will be lower. You may want to check and see if your kitchen already has a hook-up for a gas stove. You may have overlooked it when you moved in. If so, this will also help off-set your initial installation costs. Depending on the cost of natural gas or propane in your area versus electricity, you may save money on operating costs. You’ll definitely save some time and money by skipping the warm-up stage for your gas stove.


Disadvantages of Installing a Gas Stove


Although gas stoves are preferred by people who love the reliability of cooking their meals over a flame, there are some cons to consider before moving ahead with installing one in your Toronto home.


Gas stove are usually more expensive than electric models. Take the time to do some research and find the best deal you can find. The internet should come in handy for comparing prices.


Hooking up the gas stove can also get expensive, especially if you don’t already have a gas line running into your kitchen. A professional kitchen appliance repair and installation company will run a line from your household gas line directly into you kitchen, which may involve knocking down and then reinstalling dry wall. When getting an estimate, ask if the same company will be doing every part of the job and if the cost includes painting the new dry wall. Be sure to check that they offer paint matching.


It’s also important to keep an eye on your gas stove. If the burner doesn’t start immediately, it’s important to ensure that it gets turned off. If you forget and leave the burner on, the gas will keep running. That’s one fire hazard you don’t want in your home.


If your convection oven needs extensive repairs and you’re considering switching to a gas stove, take the time to do your research. You may find that the installation cost of a gas stove is less than you think in the Toronto area.

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