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Advice on Getting a Broken Bar Fridge Fixed

Getting a broken bar fridge, also known as a mini fridge, fixed is a high priority so you don’t have to deal with spoiled food or warm drinks. Before you call a kitchen appliance repair professional, take a look at the mini fridge to see if you can solve the problem yourself.


First Steps to Take


When a fridge or freezer of any size stops keeping your food cool or frozen, there can be multiple reasons why. Some require professional appliance repair, others may be quick fixes that you can take care yourself, no matter how little you know about appliances.


If your bar fridge is no longer keeping its content cold, check to ensure that the plug hasn’t been knocked out of the outlet. It’s a simple problem but a pet or child may accidently knock it out or a chair may have snagged it. Try unplugging it and plugging a small appliance in so you can check that the problem isn’t with the outlet. It may also be a worn extension cord. If you can, plug your bar fridge directly into the outlet.


That mini fridge is also mini so it can be hard to manoeuvre in there. Check the temperature dial. It may have been accidently turned up at some point. If so, just turn it down and the fridge will cool again.


If you’ve shopped recently and your bar fridge is pack, it could be that something is preventing the door from shutting properly. If the fridge door can’t shut and form a proper seal, the cold air will escape and warmth will creep in from outside.


If these solutions don’t help, call a repair company immediately.


If you have mouldy food in your mini fridge, it’s time to take everything out and wipe down the fridge. Since the bar fridge creates a dark, moist environment, mould can thrive if you don’t clean the fridge regularly. Mould can grow on the food, the fridge walls, and the floor if you don’t clean it regularly. If there’s mould and a musty smell, mix water and vinegar to clean. It will help remove the mould and get rid of the mouldy smell.


Common Problems that Need Repairs


Even though it’s mini and fits under the counter, your bar fridge is still a fridge. That means it can encounter some of the common problems with fridges.


If your problem is a leaking appliance, check to see if the bar fridge is levelled. If you’ve packed the food tightly, cold air may not be able to circulate and areas of the fridge will warm, allowing for condensation. If your fridge isn’t over-packed and hasn’t been unplugged for a period of time, the problem may be more serious. There may be a problem with the defrost system or one of the hoses or connections. Your repair company will be able to help.


If frost is building up in your bar fridge, or if it’s making strange sounds as if it’s straining, it’s time to consider getting your broken bar fridge fixed.

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