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Getting a Broken Rangehood Fixed? Call a Professional

Ask the average homeowner to list the most important kitchen appliances in their home, and the usual suspects are likely to come in on top: fridge, stove, oven, etc. But while it may not always be top of mind, the humble stove vent hood may well have one of the most important jobs in a kitchen. Spend any time cooking in a kitchen that doesn’t have one installed, and you’ll learn just how pleasant life is when your cooking space is properly ventilated. While getting a broken range hood fixed may seem like a straightforward opportunity to save money through a do-it-yourself repair project, you may want to give serious thought to enlisting the help of a trained appliance technician to get the job done properly and quickly.


Two Variations, One Result


Obviously, the goal of a vented hood over a cooking surface is to ensure that the air quality in your kitchen (and, by extension, the rest of your house) stays as pristine as possible. There are two basic designs of vent hoods: one connected to the outdoors through ductwork and an exterior exhaust port and a "ductless” variety that recirculates the air through a series of filters to rid the air of particulate, smoke and odours before sending it back out into the kitchen, clean and safe. Both of these options are good ones, depending on the specifics of your kitchen design, and both will provide a noticeable drop in your air quality if they break down. Calling an appliance repair person can have you breathing easier in your own home before you know it.


Knowing What to Look For


While you may think that a simple vent hood fan repair is the answer to your current kitchen woes, do-it-yourselfers often find themselves in much deeper than they anticipated when they begin work on a broken kitchen appliance. One of the best reasons to hiring a home repair company is that their trained staff. They know just what to look for, and can even spot problems or potential problems that you would have missed. For instance, maybe your range hood fan stopped working, but the real issue is that one of the internal filters is so clogged that it wasn’t letting enough air through, so the fan motor blew. If you’re looking exclusively at the fan, you may end up repeating the same repair over and over again. Another benefit is that when a trained repair person comes to your home, they can examine the whole set-up, rather than just looking at the current problem, allowing them to potentially catch future problems before they start. Maybe a routine check on the ductwork reveals that you’ve actually been venting warm, damp kitchen air into your attic through a hole in the duct, something you wouldn’t have noticed until the inevitable mould problem arose down the line.


Whatever your situation, and no matter how much experience you have repairing home appliances, it never hurts to have an expert come in and put their knowledge and experience to work for you. That’s why, when you’re looking at getting a broken range hood fixed, the right call is to a reputable appliance repair company.

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