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Help, My Dryer Is Not Shutting Off!

Almost always when you’re dealing with a broken appliance, your life gets surprisingly inconvenienced. We’ve come to rely so heavily on the modern conveniences of Canadian life that when we lose them – due to a leaky fridge, a broken freezer compressor or a malfunctioning dryer – we can hardly believe how much we miss them. Often, the kinds of complaints you’ll find yourself making are little more than testimonies to that inconvenience. Sometimes, however, your complaints are potentially more serious, or even dangerous, like when you can say something like "my dryer is not shutting off” to an appliance repair technician. Left unattended or ignored, a broken clothes dryer, especially one that is not properly powering down after a cycle, could overheat and cause even more damage, or even start a fire.


Call In for Help


Because of the potential consequences of ignoring or improperly addressing a malfunctioning dryer like this, and the complexity of the appliance itself, this situation is a perfect example of a good time to place a call to an experienced home repair company and speak to an expert repair person about its specifics. Even if you have a reasonable amount of experience and aptitude dealing with electrical or mechanical problems in general, it still doesn’t hurt to have a knowledgeable expert on the line you can confer with to see exactly what needs to be done next. Under certain circumstances, maybe your problem is something you can tackle on your own. Chances are, however, that a service call will be necessary to make sure everything gets back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Savings Vs. Risk


When considering calling in a professional repair technician to address a problem with a broken appliance, one of the biggest concerns for many homeowners is the simple expense of the whole thing. Today’s economy is far from booming, and money is tight almost everywhere you look, so homeowners can hardly be blamed for wanting to find ways to save whenever they can. Sometimes, though, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind when having these discussions. That means when you think about how much you save by turning a repair job into a do-it-yourself project, you need to take into account the hours of time spent researching and troubleshooting your specific problem and your specific appliance design, purchasing any extra tools or equipment that you’ll need for the repair, and running the risk of having to sheepishly call in a professional down to road anyway. The other factor to take into account is risk. As we’ve mentioned before, there are serious risks involved with a broken dryer. If the worst should happen, having attempted to fix it with no professional help will prove to be a costly mistake indeed.


If you find yourself saying "my dryer is not shutting off,” your best bet is to get on the phone right away with a reputable and experienced home repair service. Get your life back on track in total comfort and safety.

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