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Reputable Range Element Repair in Toronto

By Andrea Smith0 comments
Expert Appliance Repairs Toronto: Make the Right Choice   If you’re experiencing issues with your stove’s element, the good news is that it’s rare for all elements to go out at once and you will still have three others that will help you get dinner on the table. A range element ...

Common Problems with Wine Coolers

By Andrea Smith0 comments
Common Problems with Wine Coolers   Wines are sensitive to temperature, light and humidity, making refrigeration a key component to the taste, flavour and aroma of wine. Specialized refrigerators like wine coolers offer consistent temperature control and storage for fine ...

Repairing a Noisy Wine Cooler

By Mike Richardson0 comments
Do You Have a Noisy Wine Cooler?   A wine cooler is an incredibly convenient appliance that makes it easy to have chilled wine on hand at all times. Whether you are planning ahead for company or if you decide to have wine out of the blue, a wine cooler allows you to have ...

My Dryer Isn’t Drying My Clothes, Can I Fix It?

By Dean Carlisle0 comments
For being machines that so many of us take for granted nearly every day, modern kitchen and household appliances are surprisingly complicated sometimes. Your clothes dryer, for instance, involves sensitive switches, delicate electronics, intricate wiring and even computer programming, ...

Help, My Dryer Is Not Shutting Off!

By Dean Carlisle0 comments
Almost always when you’re dealing with a broken appliance, your life gets surprisingly inconvenienced. We’ve come to rely so heavily on the modern conveniences of Canadian life that when we lose them – due to a leaky fridge, a broken freezer compressor or a malfunctioning dryer – ...

What to Do When My Dishwasher Won’t Drain or Fill?

By Dean Carlisle0 comments
In the world of professional home appliance repair, a few complaints and issues are particularly common, though experienced home repair technicians have heard just about everything about nearly every broken kitchen appliance imaginable. Sometimes, the complaint is an easy fix that ...

My Dishwasher Is Leaking!

By Jay Crawford0 comments
My Dishwasher Is Leaking   If you ever find yourself saying, "My dishwasher is leaking,” you’d be best advised to take immediate action. Rather than standing around and watching water accumulate all over your floor, you might consider taking some steps that can help prevent ...

My Dishwasher Is Dead!

By Jay Crawford0 comments
My Dishwasher Is Dead   "My dishwasher is dead.” If you haven’t uttered those words yourself, you at the very least know someone who has. It’s a frequent problem; one that is often met with distain and sourness generally reserved for rain on wedding days and recently discovered ...

Leaking Appliance Repair Toronto

By Jay Crawford0 comments
Leaking Appliance Repair Toronto   A leaking appliance can lead to a lot of problems for your home, the least of which may be the inconveniences associated with a broken appliance and disrupted schedule. Anytime water is leaking from an appliance, action should be taken immediately. ...

Common Causes of a Jammed Dishwasher

By Dean Carlisle0 comments
If you grew up, or spent a part of your adult life, in a home where the after-dinner routine involved hand-washing the dishes, you know exactly how much time and energy having a dishwasher can save you. Like most modern appliances, a dishwasher’s main job - aside from cleaning your ...

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