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Signs of Clogged Dryer Ducts

By Darlene Peer0 comments
A clogged dryer duct is more than just an inconvenience that impairs the efficiency of your dryer—it’s also a fire hazard!   The Importance of Cleaning Dryer Ducts   According to the National Fire Protection Association in the U.S., dryers and washing machines were the culprits ...

Learn More About Cavavin Wine Cooler Servicing

By Glenna MacDougal0 comments
Cavavin Wine Cooler Servicing   Cavavin has been Canada’s leader in wine preservation since the 1980s. The company designs custom wine cellars and manufactures premium products that are innovative in design as well as extremely durable and reliable. Whether you have a small ...

Have a Broken Wine Cooler? Try These Tips.

By Glenna MacDougal0 comments
Broken Wine Cooler? Try These Tips.   It’s important to keep your valuable wine collection at the correct temperature and under the right conditions. You probably bought a wine cooler to ensure that your bottles would remain at a steady, cool temperature, out of the light, ...

Fixing a Broken Dryer Door Switch

By Darlene Peer0 comments
The biggest problem with a broken dryer door switch is that you usually don’t discover it until you have a pile of soggy clothes coming out of the washing machine and a dryer that just won’t start.   How the Dryer Door Switch Works   Although the dryer door switch performs ...

Reasons for Blinking Dishwasher Lights

By Darlene Peer0 comments
There’s nothing more annoying than starting the dishwasher at the end of the day and being confronted with blinking lights. Suddenly, you’re elbow-deep in soap suds after emptying the dishwasher and worried about the cost of repair.   What to Do First   There are many reasons ...

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