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Learn More About Toronto Gas Cooktop Installation

Toronto Gas Cooktop Installation


The best cooks love working with a gas cooktop, which provides an instant, constant flame. Gas is fast; heat is immediate as soon as you turn on the flame. Gas can achieve the level of heat required for virtually any culinary operation. Today’s gas burners can deliver up to 18,000 BTUs. Gas cooktops also cool down quickly. And if you want precise temperature control, gas is the clear choice. When you turn the temperature of a gas burner up or down, the change is immediate. Cooks with experience can even gauge the temperature by appearance and will know whether to adjust the heat with just a glance at the flame. Gas gives you a continuous flame that spreads across the bottom of the pan evenly. The bottom line is, if you’re serious about cooking, a gas cooktop is for you.


Choosing Gas Cooking Equipment


Some homeowners decide to opt for a gas stove or range, with integrated cooktop and oven. This is a good option for those who have a small kitchen. But today’s modern kitchens usually separate cooktop and oven, and many homeowners even install two ovens. If you are an avid baker, or if you do a lot of entertaining, having separate cook zones makes good sense. With the GTA’s burgeoning foodie movement, sometimes there are two chefs in the kitchen, so having a cooktop separate from ovens means that you can create workstations in a way that accommodates more than one cook. An added advantage is that cooktops are available in a larger variety of configurations than standard range format, so you can customize to suit your needs.


One of the latest trends in gas cooktops is the gas on glass style, which features sealed burners on a ceramic-glass surface. These are among the easiest cooktops to clean, and they are very attractive.


Installing a Gas Cooktop


If you are considering purchasing a gas cooktop in Toronto, you may be wondering about installation. The difficulty of installation will depend on the product you choose, and on what’s already available in your kitchen. (You will need both electricity and a gas hookup. The electricity is necessary for lighting the gas, although another advantage of gas is that most times you can start it manually with a match in case of a power outage.) If you don't have a gas line to your house or kitchen, you'll need to have one installed.


It’s crucial to hire a professional install because if your cooktop is improperly installed, it may cause a gas leak, which can lead to fire or explosion. One of the best ways to find an installer is to look for an appliance repair firm that also offers installation services. These professionals understand exactly how cooktops work and have the experience necessary to ensure that your kitchen is safe and efficient. Depending on your kitchen, it can also be important to install a ventilation hood as burning gas may emit fumes that need to be exhausted outside.

Explore the many types of gas cooktops and installation services available in Toronto and the GTA, and soon you, too, can be cooking with gas.

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