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Water Is Leaking into My Refrigerator – Help!

Water Is Leaking into My Refrigerator – Help!


Frost-free refrigerators in good working order should not leak. If you have a small amount of water leaking inside your fridge, there may be a simple explanation and a simple fix.


Here are some reasons you may find a small amount of water under the vegetable drawer in your frost-free fridge:

  • Plugged drain tube. The drain tube at the back of the main compartment of your fridge may be plugged by a bit of food. You can try to clear it by unplugging the fridge and inserting a pipe cleaner or cotton bud into the entrance of the tube. If that doesn’t work, you could try inserting a straw and blowing through it. If it still appears to be blocked, you can try flushing the tube with a solution of 50% bleach and 50% warm water.
  • Improper door seal. If warm air is drawn in through a leak in the door seal, the moisture in it will condense into water as it cools and collect at the bottom of the fridge. Look at your seals and clean any deposits that may be keeping them from closing tightly.
  • Defrost pan plugged with ice. The defrost pan under the freezer may be blocked with ice. Unplug the fridge and the food from the freezer, then remove the pan. Scrape any excess ice, and then use a hair dryer to melt any ice that may remain.
  • Opening the fridge door too often. Opening the door too often or leaving it open for too long can allow too much warm air in, which creates condensation.

Call for Help

If you don’t hear the fan running, if you are seeing a large amount of water, or if the leaks become a recurring problem, you should call a professional. It’s best to call when you first notice warning signs rather than waiting until issues become too serious. A fridge contains coolant, which contains toxic substances, and the coolant is under pressure. Only a professional repair technician should deal with serious problems. Here are some other indicators of serious refrigerator problems:

  • Constant short cycling
  • Condensation on the outside of the fridge
  • Strange odour
  • Fridge not cooling properly
  • Physical damage to the coils
  • Loud noises

Choosing an Appliance Repair Company

When your fridge is not working, you need help fast. Keeping your family’s food safe for consumption is very important, and throwing food away can be both wasteful and expensive.

Look for a company that operates in the GTA and services the brand of your refrigerator. Then, ensure that the company offers same-day service. You will probably also want to consider factors such as type of warranty offered on labour and parts, competitive pricing, and track record of the company.

A good repair professional will be licensed, bonded, and insured. He or she will be courteous and treat your home with respect. Some premium companies offer guaranteed satisfaction, and in this instance, the repair technician will ask you to inspect his or her work and sign off on it.

If you’re panicking "water is leaking into my refrigerator,” call a professional. Be cool and take good care of your refrigerator.

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